How Do I Apply/Render Elastique Transposed Tracks? - SOLVED

So I have this project that is in the wrong key. I went into the Pool and set all the audio files to “elastique Pro - Pitch”.

Then, I selected all the audio parts on every track (except drums) and using the Info Line, transposed down 2 semitones.

Sounds great, but it’s really working my CPU. So I would like a simple, easy way to make the transposition permanent by rendering the audio with the new pitch. But for the life of me, I can’t find anywhere in the manual, or in numerous online searches, for how to do this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE AGAIN: OK, I found a new solution that works exactly as I wanted. After transposing a track, or pitch correcting it as well, to “render” those modifications - make them permanent - all you have to do it select the audio events > right-click > Audio > Bounce Selection. Voila.

I can find no mention of any of this in the manual so hopefully, if anyone else has this problem, maybe this thread will help.


File - export audio - choose tracks - (make sure the 'import into project - audio track is checked)
Or you could freeze the tracks … Tip- right click on track, track control settings, make freeze visible…
That way you have the button close by…

Thanks ggc for the reply. I think I found a solution.