How do I assign a CC to a dial on a VST instrument ?

How do I assign a CC to a dial on a VST instrument without a physical controller?

I just want to assign a CC to the dial and then draw/program the CC data in


If the plug-in allows it, you can (mostly) right-click to the dial and choose Learn and then send the MIDI CC from the MIDI track, to link it.

Or you can use Quick Controls and automation.

Hi, close with my question so I did start new topics.
How to set limit operation of the controller in a certain range? something like in Ableton Macro mapping

I can do this with automation, but i need to control my tool live.


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In Cubase, you cannot set a range this way. In Generic Remote Device you can set the Max. Value. You can set Max. and Min. values also by using Input Transformer. If you want to rescale the values, you can use MIDI Modifier Vel. Comp. Here you can also set Range Min. a Max.

You can use MIDI Modifiers also as a MIDI Insert, so you can record to the track the data after the modification. Enable “Record Output to Track” option.


In Generic Remote Device
This is absolutely not ) it reduces the controller rotation step,no matter how much I reduce there it will still lead to the same result!

And in order to understand Input Transformer, you need to finish Harvard, I think this unit was created for other tasks

Input Transformer
The Input Transformer allows you to filter out and change MIDI data coming to a MIDI track before it is recorded.
Use the Input Transformer for the following purposes:

Set up split keyboard combinations for recording left and right hands separately.
Convert a controller like a foot pedal into MIDI notes (for playing bass drum the right way).
Filter out a specific type of MIDI data on one MIDI channel only.
Turn aftertouch into any controller and vice versa.
Invert velocity or pitch

Yes, I can do automation without worrying, but I want to do it on the fly and live without pre-setting 20 modules :laughing:
I may delve deeper into the settings and capabilities of Input Transformer,but something tells me it is intended for another tasks!

it should be here :wink: where ideally I could assign all the VST parameters to only one controller, except for the task to set them to the min-max value


In addition to what’s been said. Here’s what I use. I’ve found this to be usually the fastest way to get automation lanes opened for things I’m just going to draw in.


  1. Enable Record Automation Mode on the instrument
  2. Start Playback and Move the Control on the VST instrument.
  3. Automation lane is written!
  4. Stop playback, delete the points you don’t need and then draw in desired automation using draw or line tools. I sometimes just use the mouse to move the control to write in the automation data during playback, “playing” the mouse, I call it.

I think this is the easiest way to open up an automation lane for drawing in values. Doing this eliminates the need to append a lane and go hunting in a long list of tiny-text items.

Remember to disable Record Automation mode when finished.

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