How do i assign midi channels from Halion 4

Hi , sounds silly , but How do i assign midi channels from Halion 4 , to midi or instrument tracks in C 6.5 , it just doesnt allow me , every time i open an instrument track i get one screen on H4 , with 1 instrument of my choice assigned to midi chnl 1, other way round it works , but i want to have 1 screen of H4 , with all the slots loaded 1 to 16 channel wise , like the old days , n may be the B/ C/ D can have new screens of H4 , i m trying n trying just cant seem to figure it out , then i want to copy or move the instrument track ( with the midi data ) , to another midi track of another different midi file / Vsti. this dont work either …
can any one please shed some light , perhaps step by step … thanks sm

load halion 4 as a vst instrument from the rack and right click on the rack and active the outputs ,then go to the inspector and choose your desired midi channel :wink:

Thanks ,
it worked half way , the second rack on H4 loaded a different inst , and a blank inst track played, the different racks tracks now play only on that blank inspector channel , thats all , no more blanks loaded inspector works, ( If i load an inst track from F 11, with H4 , a new H$ screen loads ) , where exactly is the right click on the rack to activate , and why cant , or where can i select and change the midi channel on the blank inst channel selected on the inspector … thanks appreciate all. sam

I think you need to use standard MIDI tracks. Instrument tracks are limited to a single stereo out.

I tried that dont work , and instrument tracks dont allow to even see , or change midi channels … sm