How do I Assign Shortcuts to Logical Presets ?

I would like to have two shortcuts for Logical presets “Push back - 4” and “Push forward +4” in Cubase Elements 7

Great for editing Drum grooves

I remember it was easy to do in Cubase 5

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Thank You

See attached image

Logical Editor presets are listed in the Key Commands dialog.

Yes I remember that’s how it was in Cubase 5.


In Cubase Elements 7 the MIDI menu are listed in the Key Commands dialog but the key commands for Logical Presets
( sub menu to MIDI ) are NOT listed :question:

Ouch. It looks like that is now a full-Cubase only feature. (Maybe Artist too, but I don’t have the Artist version to check)

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…

(The Logical Editor presets in Cubase are now under “Process Logical Preset”)

Really strange because this is such an elementary feature and should definitely be included in Cubase Elements 7.

It’s really the only thing I miss in Cubase Elements 7 !