How do I automate volume without using the channel fader?

Hi. Is there a way to automate volume on audio tracks without using the channel fader to do so? For VSTs, I just automate the volume level of the plugin itself but for audio tracks I’m not really sure.

Just to be clear, this type of volume automation is more for effects rather than mix-down automation. I would like to leave the channel fader clear of automation so I can automate that during the mixdown process. This would be for say, volume correction on vocal peaks, or perhaps fade in and outs that are not necessarily at the beginning or end of the audio event (like automating the volume of pads for effect).

Thank you.

BTW. Right now I just snip the areas I would like to change the volume on and change it like that then cross-fade all of the snips. But there must be a more efficient way to do it.

Hmm. I suppose I could automate the channel fader and then bounce to a new track after it’s done… unless there is a better way.

Either the Pre-Gain on the EQ section (input filter) or download the kiloHearts Gain plugin which is a free plugin with a -30 +30dB range.

Or clip gain.

Is this different from pre-gain? I thought it behaves the same as a trim i.e. Input gain, which is pre-gain no?


most plugins have an output level that you can automate. I’d do that or the suggestion of downloading a fader / gain plugin.

I wouldnt automate the gain knob - I’ve never found it reliable.

Which in Steinberg world is “event envelopes” just in case.

Yep, not the most memorable name :slight_smile: