How do I block Sustain?

I have a project with two midi tracks (one right hand, one left hand). I’m running both tracks into a vsti. Both have controller data for the sustain pedal. I’d like to block the sustain pedal data for one of the midi files.

How do I do this?


With the transformer insert for example.

I thought that might work. I’m not good at using the transformer insert. Any suggestions on how to use this?

If you select the sustain automation in the piano roll, you should be able to use the command ‘select all on track’ and then delete it.

Transformer Insert FX…

Upper Section…
Type is___Equal___Controller___And
Value 1___Equal___64

Lower Section (leave blank)

Function = “Delete” (don’t worry, that actually means “Filter”… it doesn’t actually erase the data :wink: )