How do i bridge VSTi's in 64bits on Cubase 32 bits?

First, here is the specs:
Windows 7 64 bits
Cubase 32 bits
Superior Drummer 32 bits and 64 bits installed
6 GB of ram in the puter, task manager reports 3 g. used, and about 2.2Gb by Cubase.

Upon loading my actual project, Cubase or windows warns me that i’m about to use the totality of my available memory.
Got some VSTi running but the one that is using the most memory is Superior Drummer 2.2. Almost all of my other plugins are running in 32 bits.
When i open the VSTi menu, i only see 1 instance of Superior Drummer, and it seems to be 32 bits!
How do i bridge Superior in 64 bits?
Shoulden’t i see some kind of bitbridge somewhere?

Google J-Bridge. You can set a 3Gig switch in W7 to allow 32 bit apps to access more RAM, also. Google’s your friend there, too.

I did google a lot and it seems like windows 7 64bit dosen’t need a switch for 32 bit apps. As long as the app is compiled with the LARGEADDRESSAWARE option header. From what i’ve read, Cubase 5 is.

Got it to work with J-Bridge!
I already had it in mind but i wanted to try steinberg’s bridge before buying.

Well, thank you for your help