How do I buy HS1?

I have Cubase 7. I wanted to upgrade Halion Sonic SE to a full version of Halion Sonic 5 so that I can load my own samples. I purchased HS5 upgrade and the HS2 upgrade, but it seems I cannot activate these unless I have a licensed version of HS1. I cannot find how to purchase HS1 anywhere on the Steinberg website.

How do I proceed?


If your Cubase 7 came with a trial of HALion Sonic, then you could install that, permanently activate it here…
It should get you an automatic, free upgrade to HALion Sonic 2.
HALion Sonic SE does nothing for you and please realize that it is NOT the same as HALion Sonic or HALion (three DIFFERENT items).
You mention HS5 in your post but I assume you mean H5 (HALion 5). If you have the upgrade to H5 from HS2 then you would be able to apply it after the steps I have described above.
Lastly, the upgrade you purchased to HS2 may be unnecessary and you may be able to “return” it through AskNet support.

Thanks very much. That all makes it much clearer. These differences are not clear at the online shop. I’ll try to return the HS2.