How do I buy virtual guitarist 2 and add it to the dongle?

I guess It isn’t possible. But I would love to. Anyone know anything? Any plans for a virtual guitarist 3? Can you buy it second hand and also get the code for the dongle?

I know it is wizoo who made it, but would couldn’t steinberg continue it? It is a fantastic plugin despite its age and it seems like many really would like to see it come back.

I’ll certainly buy it.


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if you find VG2 second hand it must be selling with USB stick elicenser

Thanks. Think I found it, but a little spendi to be worth it. Well, I guess it is rare. I wished they made a new version of this old but excellent plugin. With some tweaking you can get great backup guitar track. Oh well…

Ditto that it’s a great program. I use it on just about every production I do, and wish at least it was still for sale, even if not being updated. I hope someone out there will get the message - - this is a VERY good program, and there must be a market for continued support, plus more customers.

Have you taken a look at Strum? Just recently updated to version 2. See here:


Thanks. Unfortunately that plugin does not hold up the standard I’m looking for.
I did find a similar plugin to what I am looking for by Native Instruments called Session Guitar acoustic strummer. Not as good as Virtual guitar 2, but ok and in some ways better.

Yes. I hope so. I want to buy it, but there is nowhere I can buy it.