How do I change a measure from 4/4 to 3/4 without affecting later measures

I have a song that I originally brought into Dorico from pdf to tiff to musicxml from Smartscore64Pro.
Most of what came over looks good and I was able to adjust much however a couple of measures were incorrectly identified as 4/4 instead of 3/4.
How do I best alter the 4/4 measures individually back to 3/4 without affecting the next measure?
btw, These measures have flags too. So far everything I’ve tried thus far seems to affect the measures after.

Thank You
Curt Foster

If the only problem is a few 4/4 bars: put a time signature at the start of the following bar, then put a new time signature at the start of the (preceding) problem bar, delete the tiny 1-beat bar (either from the System Track or Shift-B -1 Enter, then strip out the two, now extraneous, 3/4 time signatures.

Much quicker to do than to explain.

By the way: the “flags” are called signposts, and normally show you something that would otherwise be invisible. In the case of time signatures they indicate that the bar is the wrong length for the visible time signature, or that the barline itself is non-standard.

If my solution above creates more problems than it solves, try selecting and deleting the barlines that precede each red signpost, then re-enter the initial time signature.

On another note: this is a public forum. If you post your phone number publicly you may find it gets added to cold-call lists. I don’t recommend it!

Hello Pianoleo,
Thank you for those steps. That worked perfectly to resolve the first instance of this problem.
Also thanks for the recommendation regarding my number. I was able to remove it thankfully.