How do i change cursor settings on rewind/forward

How do i change the cursor settings when using the rewind and forward. i would like it to move one bar at a time with each click the same as the nudge, can this be done on Cubase 5.5.3 like older versions?

The only preference I’m finding is the speed of the forward/rewind. I advance the cursor in one bar increments by turning on the snap and setting it to 1 bar and then just clicking on the timeline at whichever bar I want. Even if you’re not dead on, it will jump to the closest bar. Other than that, just placing the mouse cursor over the whole note display in the bar counter on the transport panel and rolling the scroll wheel advances in 1 bar increments. In fact, whatever value you place the cursor over (1 - 1/4 - 1/16 - single ticks) will advance in increments of one.