How do I change Default Location FOLDER in The Hub?

Hi, I’ve moved all my Cubase work to a different drive, because it is an SSD that I freed up.

I want to change the “Use Default Location” on The Hub, to the name (letter) of this drive, whilst I can edit the “Project Folder” slot to the right of it, by clicking on it, I cannot seem to change the folder location.

Sure it is something simple, but clicking on it, in a variety of fashions, does nothing. I’ve looked into preferences but can’t find anything, and I have opened a few new projects in the new drive hoping it would prompt the default to change…

Using 10PRO on Windows 10.

Thanks in advance.

Simply click on ‘default Location’ in the hub and choose it. It will remember your last choice.

Pretty sure it used to work like that, but no, after opening and saving a project in my G drive, when going back to the hub, the defaults remains my original D drive…