How do I change multiple tracks time base in one go?

Been trying to do for over an hour.
I want to change a group of tracks from Linear to Music time base. I can select the tracks, but cant get them all to change in one go. I’m sure ive done it once or twice but cant replicate it.

Win10, CB 11 Pro.

This should do it for you. I’ve set it to ‘toggle’ but it could also be set to ‘Musical’ or ‘Linear’


Thanks very much for that. There is in fact already a preset in CB which i ended up using with one minor tweak.
The question is really how can i do it using the inspector. Lots of other things can be toggled on or off using multiple tracks, but this isnt working.

I don’t think you do. Not sure what you are toggling on multiple Tracks. But as you can see all of these behave exactly like the Timebase button (I skipped the buttons that open new Windows but they are the same).

track buttons

I’m not sure yours’ is working the same as mine. Are you sure those are selected tracks?
If i press M or S (for example) on any of the selected tracks all tracks will go to Mute or Solo, i don’t need to hold any key modifiers down.
Not sure if it makes a difference but in only trying to change Audio tracks, not instument tracks. Probably work the same way though.

OK, that means you are not using the Inspector Controls to change the Mute & Solo. Instead you are using Key Commands. A Key Command assumes you want to apply it to all Selected Tracks (or whatever you are changing) but when you use the GUI to click on a button it assumes you only want to apply it to the specific item you are clicking on. The reason you currently can’t do this for the Timebase control is because it doesn’t have a native Key Command so you are restricted to the ‘click’ behavior.

The way around this is to take the PLE Preset above and assign a Keystroke to it. Now it will behave the same as the Solo & Mute.

Sorry, i gave wrong info above. I’m holding down Alt/Shift and using the mouse to click the buttons. Doing this either in the Inspector/left hand panel or on one of the selected tracks activates the relevant function on all selected tracks.
This works with M,S, R,W, Record and Monitor. It doesn’t work with Time base, Lock, Lanes or Freeze.
No key commands as such, all clicks are with the mouse but also holding two keys down.

OK, I can reproduce that. And yeah it is different.

I guess you could submit a Feature Request to make the behavior consistent.

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Im fine with using the above method. I just wish I hadn’t spent a couple of hours trying to figure out something that took 10 seconds to do lol.
I dont need to do this too much so its all good.
Time to move on with todays issues :pensive: