How do I change the project grid to snap the the quantize?

I’m using Cubase8 pro on a macbook pro. Latest version. I have created a mini part but I am unable to trim it to the 16th note grid because the project grid is set two quarter notes. In older version of Cubase there was a field across the top in tool area that allowed you to set the project grid to “quantize”, and another field to specify the quantize value. Currently snap is turned on. Snap type is set to grid, an the grid type only displays in milliseconds. Seems the grid type also offer the option to snap to beats, not only time.


Sounds like you’re almost there, but your project primary time display is set to time. Open the transport panel. There’s a little clock symbol next to the time display. Click on that and change it to beats.

Of course the project tempo needs to match the tempo of the recorded material.