How do I change the tempo of a track & leave midi unchanged?

HI there,
bit of a rush job: I recorded audio and then midi before realizing I had the wrong speed for the track (it’s still default 120, but should be 132). Now I’d like to adjust the track speed, but leave midi untouched - any idea how I can do that?

Or the other way around: change the time, with midi “shrining” in lenght, then stretch the midi accordingly?

Any hints? Thanks in advance.
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render the midi track to audio then change the bpm?

Hi and thanks. That is not ideal - I want to be able to work with the midi data after changing the track speed (mostly quantize), and fixing it to audio won’t let me do that.

The higher versions of Cubase have a way to switch Track Time Base between linear and musical, and using that would be the way to do what you’re asking.

Thanks, that is helpful. Any hint on starting on which version that works?

I don’t actually know for sure, surely Artist and Pro.