How do I change Time Sig & Tempo without affecting Audio?

I’m scoring this video with an audio track for reference. The audio should never change, but when I change the Time Signature or Tempo (I’m assuming it’s the tempo that causes this), it speeds up the audio and raises the pitch.

How can I intermittently change my tempo and time signature without affect the audio?

Thanks for any answers you can give me!



The audio doesn’t change, when you change the Time Signature. But it can changes, when you change the tempo.

To avoid this, switch the track to the Linear Mode (there are some buttons in the Track name tab - the very 1st one; switch the orange Note to the click). The 2nd important part is to disable Musical Mode of the Audio event. Select the Audio event, and disable Musical Mode in the Info View of the Project window. Or do so in the Pool (“Mus” column).

Now, the audio will not follow tempo changes.