How do I color channels like this:

Hey guys,

have seen some photos and videos where the whole track is colored.

I know how to color the bars and what is in the arrangement but how do I color the channel?

Here is an example:

I feel kinda silly, but how DO you do that, or have I already done it, can’t remember?

I thought - ‘that’s easy you just go to here and do this’ . . . . .

but then I couldn’t do it either. The little bit before, then the track - but that dang bit in the middle - I’d like to know also!


I’ve been hoping for that, too.

Maybe (reaching here) that’s 7.5.2?

A couple times beta testers (I’m supposing) have posted tutorials or whatever revealing new versions prior to release - inadvertently, I’m sure :confused:

Or is it a preference?


Gold glitter would be nice. Or paisley. :mrgreen:

ps: Toolkit / Color dropper.

same here, i searched the preferences and didn’t find the feature to color the track overlay inside the project window. i also do wonder if he is a beta tester.

btw, the color tool doesn’t work on project tracks every time.
sometimes i need to use the dropdown menu inside the mixconsole.
is it the same for you guys?

Best hidden feature ever :wink: (prefs>Event Display>Tracks)

Dammit, Steve, that’s a beautiful thing!

Thank you!


You’re welcome!

While we’re at it . . .

How about a way to turn the track name permanently Black - not just when it’s selected?

Yeah, that’s a little problem here- the text color doesn’t automatically change to keep a good contrast between the track color and the text.

I just keep the setting on the low side so it’s not a problem. I guess you could also use dark track colors…

yeah it looks a bit grey in grey … i hope that under 7.5.20 this is part of
“several improvements to make your cubase experience smoother”

thx steve for that kind explanation of this feature!

Just came across this…Steve is a God!! he knows everything… :mrgreen:

Thanks, Kevin. Where do I send the check?

You can send it to me! Thanks!


Brilliant!!! Thanks Steve!

:smiley: Awesome Steve!

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