How do I "completely" remove (wipe clean) Cubase 8Pro

I have tried in vain to completely remove Cubase 8Pro from my computer but keep getting a dialog box saying,“The specified account already exists”. I am trying to remove Cubase from my computer using Window’s “Program and features”. I also have tried to remove it from "Start>All Programs>Steinberg>Uninstall without any success. I keep getting the attached dialog box. “The specified account already exists”. Can anyone give me instructions on how to completely wipe out all traces of Cubase, including hidden files? I need a fresh start. Thanks for your help.

Start again.

Re-install Windows to a newly formated partiton.

Then buy Acronis True Image 2015.

Next time yo install something and you want it completely gone you will be able to recall your last image file and
4 minutes later you’ll be back exactly where you were before you installed the thing you now want un-installed.

I’ve used Acronis reliably for 15 years in a pro studio environment.

Anything less is a hit and miss mess for your registry.

Thanks. I just purchased Acronis 2017 and feel a lot safer now. Thanks again.