How do I configure Midi data from Dorico to my Yamaha CP300 keyboard to play it’s instrument sounds?

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I purchased Dorico elements 3.5 a few days ago and I love the application, however I am experiencing a problem with the drum sounds not playing correctly in my Yamaha CP 300 when receiving midi information from Dorico. Instead of the drum kit sounds being activated when the drum staff is scrolling, I get a police whistle sound from every note I place on the drum staff regardless of its location. The vst drum sounds are working just fine, but I would like to be able to also work with the sounds that are in my keyboard. I made sure that the drum staff was using midi channel 10 and am using port 1. I do not see any place where I can put in data regarding LSB or MSB or any other information regarding program numbers such as 0 or 127 as I have had to do when I used to use Encore. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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I understand you’re using an external midi device to play back your drums? What percussion map are you using on this instrument ? You set the percussion map in the right panel in Play mode, clicking on the cog next to your vsti instrument or midi output. The percussion map defines which midi note will be triggered by which notation (instrument+playing technique). It looks as though your system is set up so any note played triggers the whistle…
You should try the Yamaha XG perc map, or General MIDI.

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I will see if I can find what you are describing and see if I can figure out how to configure it. I don’t think I’ve ever had to do this before but I’ll do my best.

Tell us how it gets for you. If you don’t achieve the expected result, chime in again!

Indeed, Marc is right in that you need to configure an expression map. Every keyboard could have different percussion patches in different positions, so it’s impossible for Dorico to play the right sound out of the box. You need to tell dorico that “this thing on the staff, at this place, is supposed to play this sound which is this position (midi code) on the keyboard.”

It’s actually a percussion map. Let’s not mislead our fellow Doricians!

To be honest, I forgot that percussion maps existed, since I don’t use them! But yes— percussion map them — same concept either way. Good catch, Marc.

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OK, so in play mode I went to the midi instruments panel on the lower right hand side and clicked on the cog and I got the endpoint set up for the “keyboard.” I want to drum set and set it to Yamaha XG and now the drum set works perfectly! Thank you! The only thing now is that I can’t get any of the other midi sounds to work from my keyboard?

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For example, Instead of hearing the nylon acoustic guitar sound, I am hearing a piano sound playing what the the guitar supposed to play. I changed it to the default setting still no success.

Must I create a new midi instrument endpoint set up for each instrument? All the instruments seem to be in the same endpoint set up panel so I did not think that was necessary?

I went into expression maps but that alters the way the sounds are played. I need to know how to tell Dorico to play what sounds in my keyboard. So sorry for my inexperience. Thank you for your patience with me.

I’m not sure you can control the sounds of your device remotely — through Dorico. These are informations you should find in your device user guide.

That is interesting. I would think that if Dorico could tell my Keyboard to play the drum sounds correctly that it would have the capability to tell it to play the other general Midi sounds Correctly as well.

You should be able to manually configure Dorico to send the right sounds to your keyboard. I assume your keyboard only plays percussion on channel 10? If so, you should be able to set channel 10 in your Endpoint Setup to use the General MIDI percussion map, and then direct the drum set instrument in your score to channel 10 of your MIDI device via the track headers in Play mode.

It it possible to use the percussion map feature in the end score window to enable the other sounds on the keyboard the same way that I activated the drums? I am hearing the drum sounds from my keyboard now and that’s great, but I cannot figure out how to get the acoustic Guitar and electric bass to sound on my KB as well. I was able to successfully get the drum sounds to work in my keyboard Using the procedure that you described just now. I know it sounds far-fetched but maybe it’s a possibility that could work? Or does commonsense say that a percussion map will only work or percussion lol!

The drum problem that I was having has been solved! Thank you everyone! Now I need to be able to activate the other sounds in my keyboard from Dorico.

Percussion maps will only work with percussion, certainly. You can trigger other sounds as well, but you’ll need an expression map that sends appropriate program changes to switch to the right patches on your keyboard. You could define, for example, a “Flute” expression map that defines a program change as the action for the “Natural” switch, and use the appropriate program change for the flute patch on your MIDI device. Then you assign this expression map to the channel you want to play back as a flute in Endpoint Setup, and away you go.


I used the Yamaha XG percussion map as you said and it worked. The percussion sounds are no longer the problem though because that is solved. Now I need to find a way to activate all of the other sounds in my keyboard such as nylon acoustic guitar and electric bass. If I could figure that out then the entire problem will be solved. Thank you for your input!

I will try your method and see if I can make any headway. It sounds a little tricky but I will attempt it.

If you are trying to activate multiple sound banks simultaneously, you may have difficulty. You should see in your Yamaha XG manual(s) whether that is even possible. I’m pretty sure it is not on my DX7, but then that synth is likely far older than your XG.