How do I connect a webcam to Cubase 12 using ASIO4all?


I’m using Cubase 12 and want to connect my webcam as an audio input and I don’t know how.

I’ve tried using the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver as well as ASIO4ALL but when I come to set the inputs, it just says “Not Connected”. Or in the case of ASIO4ALL, “Not Connected 1” and “Not Connected 2”.

I’m obviously missing something. Any suggestions?

don’t use Asio4All, but WASAPI instead. i guess it gives also the webcam input in that case.
a guess…

But of course, Cubase uses ASIO only. So it must be via an asio driver.

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you are right, with 5 DAWs that i use regularly, i tend to forget that not all can also do WASAPI…

Thanks for the replies chaps. Interesting reading your comments.

So in summary, we are saying it can’t be done? Shame really. I know that I can dig out an audio interface, was just hoping for a quick low effort solution. :frowning:

Wow! I’ve just cracked it using ASIO4ALL.

I didn’t realise that ASIO4ALL has a separate config interface accessible from Windows (not Cubase - I think) . I found it in the Windows System Tray, opened it and selected the C922 Pro Stream Webcam. After that, back into Cubase and the webcam is now visible in Audio Connections and records/outputs successfully.

Thank you again as sometimes you just need to hear people discussing around the problem to give you an avenue to explore. :partying_face:

Menu Studio → Studio Setup