How do I connect this tape machine to my Steinberg UR12?

Dear community, I just found a cheap tape machine on eBay and was curious how I would connect it to my interface. Google and YouTube wasn’t helpful, hope someone here can help me!

You need one of those connectors.

There isn’t really any sensible way to connect a tape machine to other than the rca outputs of UR12. So, you can record the UR12 outputs to tape. But you cannot connect the output of the tape machine to UR12 because there is no stereo input on UR12 as far as I see.

You don’t say what the tape recorder is or what output it has. Does it have phone out, DIN out or just a headphone out. If it’s a mono tape recorder then probably best to send its output if it has a line out of some type to the line in on your interface, if stereo you will need a couple of adapters and get your inputs levels matched up.