How do I connect with external iPads

VST-Live can see the Performers. But the iPads simply say ‘offline’ and never follow the tempo. How do I set up external ipads? Where is the documentation? Are there any videos. There seems to be no way of debugging or checking how it connects.

Hi @Dave_Wise,

does it work before? Which iOS Version are you running? Have you installed the latest “VST Love Mods” version? Are you running the latest VST Live version? Please give us every information you have.

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Hi Spork. I installed VST Live around 3 days go - and VST Live Mods for ios earlier today. There isn’t much in the way of how to connect the 2 and how they should work together. So any in-depth info would be very much appreciated.
Seems to be much info on what it should do - and very little on how to do it.


VST Live Mods and VST Live will connect automatically. There is nothing to do. That’s the idea. We need to find out what’s going wrong. Which iOS Version are you running? And have you checked the “VST Live Mods” settings in your iOS Settings?
“Local Network” should be enabled. Is It?

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Yes - local network is definitely enabled. It’s an iPad Pro with the M2 cpu running 16.x. However, a 2 year old iPhone wouldn’t’ follow the timeline either - although this did say “on-line”. V for the mods. VST Live is running on W11
Thanks Michael

Spork - we have Sync !!
OK - we’re making progress now:
I’ve ( We’ve ) set up a local area Hot-Spot - and I’m using ‘My Laptop’ as a local area network.
We’ve not done anything differently from earlier - but:
It is now ONLINE - and the lyrics are following the sync now.
It is very important that the ios Mod app is started AFTER VST-Live.

Also: ( request )
It would be nice if we could display Lyrics and Chord Changes as an option.

Also ( important request ) - can I send different ‘Lyrics’ to different members of the band.
E.G. It would be nice for the bassist to have
|| Bb - - Eb - | F - - - ||
|| Bb - - - | Dm - F - ||

Whilst simultaneously telling the drummer:
|| 2 bar Build ||
|| 4 bars hi/hat count ||
|| Verse = 8 bars ||

Whilst simultaneously telling the guitarist:
|| 2 bar Build ||
|| 4 bars pattern 1 ||
|| Verse = YOUR SOLO ||