How do I convert 8th midi notes to fewer longer notes in a bar?

How do I quickly convert 8th midi notes to the appropriate number for longer notes?

So, if I had a bar of 8th or 16th notes but wanted just 1 long note, if I selected those notes, how do I get Cubase to change them just just one note that fills the bar?

And the same with other note lengths, e,g, 8ths to 2 notes to fill the bar equally?



You can select all of them and drag the right corner to extend the length.

Or you can use the MIDI > Functions > Fixed Length, which would set the length of the selected MIDI Notes to the size of the Grid (in your case, the Grid would need to be set to 1 Bar).

Or you can create your own Logical Editor Preset:

Filter Target
( Type is | Equal | Note )

Action Target
Length | Set to fixed value | 1. 0. 0. 0 | PPQ


You can assign a Key Command to this Logical Editor Preset, if you want to use it often.

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Hi Martin,

That’s not quite what I’m after. That seems to make all the notes that fixed length, but I’m wanting to have those, say, 8 notes selected in the bar just converted to, for example, 1 note in the bar (by virtue of the quantize length). So, like the opposite of being able to split a whole note into smaller notes based on the quantize length.


So you have 8times 1/8 notes of the same pitch and you want to make the 1/1 note, right?

If you select the Glue tool, hold down Alt modifier and click the very 1st note in the group of notes (of the same pitch), it will glue all notes of the given pitch until the end of the MIDI Part. So, if you have: C-C-D-E, it will glue both Cs together. But if you have: C-C-D-C, it will glow all 3 Cs.

You can also select all wanted notes (Cs) at once, and click with the Glue tool (no modifier) to Glue all of them.

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Thanks, that’s it! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

The reason this did not work for me in the first place is that I had “Indicate Transpositions” on. I had to turn that off to change the notes.

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