How do I convert imported staff to unpitched percussion?

Hi folks,
I imported an xml file and one of the instruments is a shaker pattern. It comes in to Dorico as a pitched instrument on a treble cleff staff:

I would like to convert that to an unpitched shaker pattern.

For now I created a new player with a shaker and copied the notes to the shaker. That worked fairly well, but is it possible to make it so the downbeat (what was a D# on the pitched staff) has an accent marking?

Perhaps use Edit > Filter > Notes by Pitch to choose all of the D# notes on the pitched staff and add the accent to them before you copy and paste to the unpitched staff.

Thanks Daniel! Great idea.

Is it possible to keep the playback engine responding to what were those pitches while the notation just looks like unpitched percussion? Those notes for the shaker are referring to different shaker sounds and I would like to be able to continue to hear the shaker the way I originally recorded it while giving the player that basic unpitched notation.

No, you’ll need to actually set up a percussion instrument with the appropriate playback behaviour. The basic job is to create a drum map in Play > Percussion Maps that specifies the shaker instruments you’re using in your percussion kit and tells Dorico which MIDI note numbers to play to produce the right sounds. Then in the Endpoint Setup dialog for your virtual instrument in Play mode, for the channel loaded with the shaker sound, you need to then choose the appropriate percussion map you created.

Thanks. I tried for an hour here trying to figure out how to create the shaker percussion kit and I just gave up. I’m using Battery 4 (which I created the white list for), I’m trying to just set up what you guys have in this video at 2:54 where there is a single line for the shaker and it’s using the line and the space above the line. I’d like to do that and just use x note heads and be able to assign the line and the space to two different midi notes. I assume that is what you are saying to do, but I just can’t figure it out.

OK-I finally figured it out. I didn’t realize that I needed to edit the playing technique for the instrument in order for the midi note to be applied to that instrument. I ended up doing a LH and RH for the shaker and that worked.