how do I copy existing CC7 (or other) MIDI controller data I've added in the Piano Roll and paste it somewhere else?

I was hoping that if I had a phrase I’ve created with the proper associated CC7 volume already added, there would be some way to select all the notes in Write Mode (ie. on the normal musical staff), hit “R” to repeat/paste them in the next bars, and that the associated CC7 data would ALSO be copied (this to me would be the expected behavior, for what it’s worth). Apparently this isn’t the case?

Barring that, my next thought was to copy the notes in Write Mode using “repeat”; go to the Piano Roll and select all the CC7 data, go to where I wanted to paste this info onto the repeated notes, and hit “paste” - but still no dice.

My question: how do I copy Piano Roll Midi controller data from 1 location to the another, as in this example (I’d like to copy it from where it appears on the left to the immediate right, underneath those existing notes, presuming there’s no way currently to copy notes and their associated CC values concurrently?)

Thanks in advance!

One other thought: Logic has a very useful option where you can hold ALT down on already-selected MIDI controller data in their Piano Roll and (keeping Alt held down) click-drag a copy of that data somewhere else (keeping the original in place). Very convenient! (hint hint :slight_smile:)…I see you can already easily select controller data and move it smoothly left/right, so this would just add more utility to that existing functionality (couldn’t resist proposing a partial “solution” vs. just identifying the problem so apologies!)

Also: I’m surprised that there isn’t a way in the Play Mode’s piano roll (with CC data showing beneath the notes) to shift select both notes AND their associated data (in one swoop) so you can easily then paste ALL of it somewhere else in the same track, etc.?

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It’s not currently possible to do this directly. The reason is purely one of time - we do hope in due course to fill out more of the Play Mode functionality such as copy and paste.

There is one alternative method that could work, though it’s not very direct. If you have a DAW that allows drag and drop of MIDI content as MIDI files (as Cubase does) then you could export the current flow from Dorico as MIDI, delete the notes from the section of interest, then drop that MIDI chunk to the required bar in Play Mode. I haven’t tried it, but I think that would preserve the CC data.

Bummer - that (of course) puts quite a damper on the normal sort of things you might want to do using the Piano Roll, such as copying expression for a given rhythmical phrase to all other instances of that same phrase (as I was trying to do with a guitar part). SO close :slight_smile: (so fingers crossed for - as you say - the future!)…

re: your suggested workaround: I’m using Logic so don’t think it allows direct “drag and drop”. However, perhaps I can export the current guitar track with all the note info (without any CC7 tweaking added, other than for the first 4 bars); in Logic add the CC7 info for the entire track, then re-import it back into Dorico? The problem with this approach would be I’d have to (I’m presuming) first import it into another Flow in the same Dorico session, then copy it from there, but (if so), will my copying actually INCLUDE the CC7 data I’ve imported if I paste it into the right place in the correct flow in Dorico, subsequently?

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I think that if you have a MIDI file with just the CC data, and you drop the file onto a bar in Play Mode, then it will be merged into that bar. So try that and see if it works.

I did as you suggest, exporting JUST a midi file from Logic with nothing but the edited CC7 data for the entire guitar part. However, I can’t find a way to make it “stick” in Dorico and have tried dragging it a variety of ways. I’ll also email you the file (if its ok) in case you’re able to confirm that it’s the sort of file you are suggesting I attempt to use, etc. Would be nice to have at least this workaround.


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For anyone following this discussion, I’ve found the problem. Dorico’s MIDI import logic filters out what it considers to be empty tracks (since many real-world MIDI files have tracks with no data that are just used as labels, or are just part of the musician’s new-project template). If there aren’t any notes, then it’s considered to be empty. So in this case, if you just add a single note at the start of the file and then drag it, then the CC values are imported successfully. I might change how drag and drop of MIDI works in cases like this because I think it could be useful.

I’m bumping this thread just to stress how important this feature (copy & paste of CC data) is to do any complete mockup with Dorico. Since I read D4 is far away, I just hope there is chance this can be released earlier as a last update to D3.5.


We have no plans for any further Dorico 3.5 updates, I’m afraid.