How Do I Copy & Paste from Multiple Pages?

In this photo, in order for me to copy, say, the entire viola part from bars 1-24 to place at bar 25, I have to zoom out to a level that only eagles and hawks can see. On my 17" laptop, I can barely see the marquee tool.

In Cubase, with auto-scroll on, simply moving your cursor right or left causes the screen to move, making it easy to capture and move whole chunks of data. Can this be made possible in Dorico which, by the way, is an inspiring and powerful bit of software

Select the first bar, then scroll to the last bar of the section you want to copy and shift click.

When I select the first bar vis-a-vis the system track, I can only scroll to the right as far as the screen allows. Also, everything on all staves is selected and highlighted when all I want is one specific staff.

I don’t mean in the systhem track. Select the first bar from the part you want to copy. Then go to last last bar you want to copy and shift select.
That’s they way I do it for quite a while now….



Yes, that worked. Thanks for your assistance. You’ve been very helpful.

Here is a collection of some useful ways to select large amounts of music in one go: