How do I create a empty new project?

Every time I start a new song I get a list of line ups and have to delete all the tracks before importing my own. Surely there is a way of starting with an empty project? I notice earlier versions of cubase had this option in the list of line ups

when you choose for “new project” then the project assistant pops up.
At the right of the popup there is a button “more”.
There should be a default setup for an “empty” project there.

If not. It got deleted in some way. Create a new empty project in the way you want, and save it as a template.

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Yes, in other words, empty project should be an option on the first page you see.


thanks. Seems a strange place to put it. I would have thought under the production heading.

I did try “open other” but that was a file select dialouge box.


new project in under 1 second…