How do I create a MASTER group channel that goes to mains?

I have an existing project of multiple audio/instrument tracks with their own groups, sends, etc. They’re all currently sending to Stereo Out. I want a group channel to act as stereo out and this one channel will go to stereo out.

What is the easiest way to make this happen? I can brute force re route all tracks that go to stereo out but I’m hoping there’s a better way.

why do you want to do this?

I want to put insert effects in my global mix, add some sends, etc. i.e. Basically a quicker way to group everything in the session.

If I understand what you mean by ‘brute force’ then yes you have to re-route all your channels to the group channel.

You can do it for multiple channels in a couple of moves:

  • select all the required channels
  • hold down shift while you change the output routing for one of the channels.


There is a "add group to selected tracks " or something similar.
Easiest in the mixer, select the tracks/channels using shift or ctrl and right click

Yes. ‘Add Group channel to selected channels’. That makes it even easier! assuming you haven’t already created a master group channel.

just create a group track, highlight everything and press Q-link on the top right of the mixer. the go to routing->stereo out and select ur group track.

Yes but the problem with this is that all tracks that have previously been routed to a group… ie a drum buss for example are now routed to the main buss instead.

I see what you mean - you may just have to do it the long way round then…

Just route the group channels to the new group then.

Yes, agree, a blanket approach for all channels is probably not going to give the desired result (if it’s a complicated mix with existing groups). To achieve what the original poster wanted is almost certainly going to require selecting the specific channels which need to be re-routed.

Unfortunately brute force seems to be the only way. I thought I’d do something clever like create another hardware out bus and send the main outs to this new one, but nope NO sends from hardware outs (ofc). :stuck_out_tongue:

Argh…first-world-DAW problems. :mrgreen:

If you create a group channel you can send the tracks that you want to go there from the sends as a kind of parallel EFX channel in the same way you might create a parallel compression channel. Not quite what you wanted, but it might make for an interesting experiment.

Right click on the arrow in one of the send slots in the Channel Settings window and choose the destination. This way you have the original track going to Stereo Out and a feed from send going to the group track which is in turn going to Stereo Out. On the group track you can apply global EFX.