How do I create a Template Project file?

Hello, how do I create a template project file? I am currently setting up my house style and wish to use it whenever I create a new project. When I open Dorico Pro 2, I see that the hub lists various Template files, how do I create a template file so that it shows up on the hub? Thank you. I couldn’t find anything on this topic inside the OP. When I save a project, there is only “backup projects” and “autosave” folders. I am unable to locate the templates folder. Thank you.

You don’t. It’s not possible. There isn’t a “templates folder” - just a hidden XML file from which the factory templates are dynamically created. It really isn’t user-editable.

Set up a project the way you want it, then save it somewhere safe. Then create a duplicate of that file when you next want to work on a similar new project.

(And yes, this is already a feature request.)

Ok, thank you once again pianoleo.

Does your current feature request include the ability to open a duplicate (untitled) version of a file? Maybe a check box in the OPEN dialog window to select this as an option?

That could be a nice feature to make it convenient for starting new projects…