How do I create a track preset?

The documentation refers to a “Save Track Preset” context menu item on tracks, which doesn’t seem to be there anymore.

I think that you should deselect the folder : here, even if there are several tracks selected, the Save track preset… command is present and working. If I select a folder with a bunch of tracks, it is no longer available.

Thank you. Can one include some concept of grouping in a preset?

Actually, I don’t use track presets that much, for their lack of reliability with tracks of different kind. From my experience, they work as long as you save several tracks of the same one (audio, instruments…). As soon as you try to mix different kind of tracks in a given track preset, it’ll no longer be reliable.

What Cubase is lacking, IMO, is a true Track template feature : there is the track archive implementation, but I also never got it to work reliably with a combination of MIDI+rack instrument+audio, in example.

EDIT : another way to see the problem is the use of the Import > Tracks from project feature. I haven’t look closely at it, because a VSTi I’m constantly using crashes Cubase as soon as I attempt to use it…

Wow, Cubase is really aggressive about their unwillingness to provide features that every other DAW provides! It seems to be a point of pride.

another way to see the problem is the use of the Import > Tracks from project feature.

This works perfectly, and preserves routing. Thank you!


I think the general problem is users don’t know when to use what. Different preset features were added over different periods of time. If you want something simple, use a simple DAW. Cubase is probably the most feature-rich DAW available out of the box, and that can be a double-edged sword.

In addition to Import from Project, which is a fairly new feature, you have File import/export (file>import, file>export) that is different than saving/loading track presets which gives you frustration.

And yet another method is the feature “Save Selected” and "Load Selected This is good for saving either a single track or multiple tracks. For example your Toontrack 24 tracks. Everything gets saved…all your inserts, track colors, names etc. Focus them all and use Save Selected. Then, when you need that Toontrack set-up, load toontrack with it’s 24 outputs. Note there are no inserts…just the basic template. Focus all 24 channels. Then use Load Selected, find that preset, and it will load all 24 channels with inserts, track names, colors etc.

Or, another use with Save Selected and Load selected…Set up one effects track exactly the way you want it saved. Use Save Selected. You can save it anywhere so make up Windows file categories if you need to. Then when you have an effects track with nothing on it, focus the track, then use Load Selected, and choose from the Windows browser what you want. Keep in mind, you need to remember if you are saving just a single track, or multiple tracks. If you used Save Selected as single effects track, but by mistake you didn’t notice you also had another audio track focused…then when you use Load As…and try to load the single effects track, it won’t load and give you an error.

Be aware, that Save Selected/Load Selected will always apply to the focused track, and it will delete any stuff you have on that tracks(s) such as inserts, eq, everything!

I have never seen a comprehensive video tutorial covering all the different methods of preset saving/loading and when to use what method. Again if it’s a comprehensive tutorial, it would have to cover the most recent addition…Load from Project.

If I were making money on YouTube, this would definitely be a good one to produce.