How do I create alternative mixes in Cubase 8?


I have a special situation here. I produce music for fairy tales by H. C. Andersen in different languages. Therefore I need to create different mixes of the balance between music and the narrator. It would be very convenient only to have 1 song/arrangement and then be able to create different mixes, but that isn’t possible in Cubase is it? :confused: I mean I can’t have 3 or 4 different automation-sets if you understand what I mean?

I know of Digital Performer has this function, I have never used it though!

Other than saving the arrangement which is a slow method, how about copying both voice and music tracks, for example 3 times if you want 3 different mixes, then creating different automatons for each mix, and then solo/mute to hear the appropriate mix?

Just save project file 4 times with different names, and change whatever you want in each version.

I believe you could do that with Track Versions. Each track version will have its own audio clip and automation. No need to create several projects for that.

I haven’t used Cubase in a while, but I believe this is accurate. Hope it helps :slight_smile:.

EDIT: Check this video out for more info on Track Versions:

Thanks for your replies.
I will try to use the copy 3 times suggestion, which makes most sense to me! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Track Versions do not include automation so it’s probably not the best solution for the OP.

Also, via Direct Routing - you can set-up whatever number of Main Outputs, and busses/tracks into those, and alternate between them with one click. Just don’t enable “summing mode”. :wink:

That’s the best way I’ve found to have multiple mixes of the same project.

What we REALLY need though is a feature like ‘Mix Recall’ in Sonar. See the video in this thread: