How do I create loop that can be reused in multiple projects

Hi folks,
I know this must be a simple newbie thing, but I’m not sure how to do it. I have a percussion audio file that I want to turn in to a loop that I can use for multiple projects with different BPM. It is a 4 bar loop. I can put it in a blank project and then I align the bpm of the project so that I can loop the clip precisely. Then in the pool window I toggle the loop into “Musical Mode” so that it will stretch to fit any BPM changes in the project.

Now, how can I save that clip with that information in the mediabay or somewhere so that I can drop it into other projects and have it align with the bpm of that project automatically?


To clarify-when I go to the “loop browser”, I can pull a loop into the project and it will match the tempo of the song. How do I save my own loops so they can be used in the same way?

OK-I got it. I had to find the loop in th emediabay and then adjust the mediabay preferences so I could edit in the results and then manually add the BPM of the loop and set the “follow tempo” to “Yes”. Whew! A lot more work than in Ableton, but at least that one loop is done!