How do I create my own Groove Agent 5 SE Styles?

So I’ve made a kit with all the sounds I like inside GA 5 SE and I’d like to know how can I make styles for it? Like the one we load up in Styles player.
(Intro Main Fills etc…)

Thank you.

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I don’t think that’s possible, as the style templates involve macro screens and custom scripts. They ship pre-built with Agent Kits.

Instead you can use patterns and assign them to pads. The ‘patterns’ can be built in GA itself, or you can import them from MIDI files, or drag in tracks from Cubase, etc.

It’s possible to layer up existing layers or patterns by stacking the same kit in multiple kit slots, or remapping the trigger events for multiple pads.

A pad assigned to C1 might have your basic groove. Up on pad C4 you might have a layer that does nothing but add a cowbell to the groove.

At this stage you can either add the cowbell by simply triggering both pads in your sequence together, OR, if you really want a one pad solution, clone the base groove to another pad, and set your cowbell pad to the same ‘trigger note’.

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I had the exact same question, so the definitive final answer is there is no ability in Groove Agent for a user to create their own style patterns?

fyi, this topic refers to Groove Agent SE, not the full version of Grove Agent.

Style engine macros, no. Not in any consumer available version of GA that I am aware of.

MIDI patterns, yes.

Yes, sorry I forgot that SE cannot record/edit patterns directly, but you can indeed still build them on MIDI or Instrument tracks in Cubase (live record, use the Diamond Drum editor, key editor, etc.) and drag the patterns right into GA SE. There is also a considerable library of pre-made grooves and loops shipped with Cubase to import and use as starting templates.

You can also ‘stack kits’ as described by using multiple instances of GA SE in rack mode. Use MIDI tracks to play them. SE also supports assignable trigger events for each pattern or kit-piece pad.