How do I create open key signature in the middle of a flow?

I am doing orchestration homework and I have to go back and forth within the same flow between having a key signature ( with a transposing layout) and no key signature. If I just put C major key sig then the clarinets are showing D major, but I need them to not show anything and use only accidentals when needed. But, the issue is this is a measure following a measure where there is a key signature. Help?

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Use Atonal as the Key Sig.

Great-thank you!

But be sure to label your MS “Transposed Score” so folks will know to read Clarinets, etc. as transposed.

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This reminded me of a modernish (late-20th century) brass quartet I purchased by mail order some years ago. Written for 2 trumpets and 2 trombones, it gave no indication as to whether the trumpets were in C or in B♭. To see if I could figure it out for myself, I played it through on the piano - the first time treating the trumpets as being in B♭, the second as being in C. In one play-through, the two outer sections sounded fine and the middle section sounded absolutely terrible. In the other, the two outer sections were abysmally dissonant while the middle section was quite pleasant! I think it never received any further attention from me, and is now probably in the same place as lost socks.

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So popover Shift-K for key signature, then type “Atonal”? But there’s no suggestive text for “atonal” or “open” though, so how do I know I worked?
According to the Dorico manual, open key sigs are treated differently by Dorico…

View > Signposts > Key Signatures.
If your open key signature is there, a red signpost labelled “Atonal” should appear.


Only Playing Techniques have ‘auto-fill’ suggestive text.

In what way different? (Beyond their inherent purpose.)

From the Dorico manual: