How do I create this function?

I was watching a Cubase video and with a right click on the track, not only do the Tools pop up, but all the edit functions as well (see picture). How is this done?

As always: Preferences. "Toolbox on right click’

Man, thanks, svennilenni! Well… wait a miniute. This is already checked in C10.5 and this is not what is represented in the picture.

If I select the track and press Ctrl and then right click I get something like the picture, with all the potential processes showing, and then a single line at the top saying ‘Tools’ Here I can select Tools and the Tools will appear vertically on the side of the Processes window. Which is good - but not the same as in the picture. Is this a Mac thing vs. PC?

Needs to be unchecked obviously. Because the toolbox os whag you (probably) have now. Not at the PC at the moment. Will check later.

OK, yes, unchecking the box and right clicking now brings up everything that the ‘Ctrl + right click’ does. Thanks, again!

I’m thinking the video I took the picture of is of an older Cubase…