How do I create WARP TABS from tapped tempo??

Hello - long time no talk from me. But now I need your help.

I managed to merge tempo from this one demo song of my friend. I recorded MIDI “hitpoints” (notes) to MIDI track manually by virtual keyboard while listening to demo song and so I could merge tempo track from it.

However I would like to “flatten” the tempo since it varies throughout the song. So I think I would want to make WARP TABS by the tempo track I created, but I don’t know how to do that. If I had warp tabs, then I could easily quantize the tempo. But I cannot find the functions or then I’m searching for a wrong thing altogether.

The basic thing is: I would only like to tempo-quantize that demo song. The song is not played with a click so I don’t know the average tempo. Calculating hitpoints automatically isn’t working - Cubase doesn’t recognize the rhythm correctly and I can understand it - it’s basically impossible and has to be donw manually.

So what I have are those MIDI notes that are placed like a click was in the background. I just want to be able to make warp tabs out of them for this audio event.


What part about Warp Tabs in the manual didn’t you understand? Why haven’t you watched the vids that walk you through, step by step?

OK ok, another one of these so-called “answers” or “replies” that really do help!

If you know how to do this then could you please explain to me:

  • I have a demo song with variable tempo and I want to manually set the warp tabs by recording the MIDI keyboard which I tap along with the music
  • OK, I got the MIDI notes exactly in place. Now I did the tempo map.
  • Succeeded. I have a tempo track with dynamic tempo.

So now I want to “flatten” the tempo. So that the song will stretch and tighten time-wise but the tune shouldn’t change. In order to do so I would have to make warp tabs but how do I make them out of my recorded MIDI tapping? You tell me if that is the manual and I’ll read it. I could do them manually hitpoint by hitpoint but that’s just too damn hard.

If I can make the warp tabs to the AUDIO EVENT on the basis of the MIDI EVENT, then I’m a happy man. Please help and stop screwing around.

Have a look at page 476.


Another case in point. :wink:

Just like Split says (as always!! :smiley: ).

Once you have the new tempo track created, and do the “Set Definition from Tempo” on page 476 … you can then flatten the tempo via the Transport Bar, or adjust the tempo in the Tempo Track in whatever wild fashion you desire - and the audio will follow it!

I don’t know how long “Set Definition from Tempo” has been in there (I jumped up from SX3), but IMO, this one of Cubase’s absolutely best features.

P.S. (As far as I know, there is no need for “Warp Tabs” if you do it the above way).