How do I customize Plug-in Groups?

In the WLE manual, the following is stated.

If I click in the Original column, the box just turns blue. There appears to be no way to select any category.

WLE dumps most VST 2.4 plug-ins in an Other categories folder (submenu). This makes them very hard to find. For example, in the Other categories I have a whole bunch of folders (submenues), named after various vendors. In one of these I have two plug-ins; an EQ and a compressor! How do I move these to where they belong, the EQ and Dynamics categories (and vendor folders (submenues) within these) respectively?

By the way, who wrote this manual? Yoda? :wink:

When you click in a cell of the “Original” column, a menu listing all categories pops up, and you can select the category to rename… but this does not work in WaveLab Elements because of a bug. Sorry about that.

How about fixing that bug, then?

This will be fixed.

Generally speaking, I think the plug-in sorting menu is a bit of a mess. I’ve spent time changing settings and it’s never organized as you would expect. I hope there is some improvement in 8.5 and eventually WL9.

In my favorites tab, Waves won’t all be in one Waves folder and iZotope is a mess too. UAD makes a separate folder for the BAX EQ and another for the rest. In the regular section UAD makes a bunch of odd sub folders.

WL 8.0.3
OSX 10.9.2
all latest plug-in versions

Pictures attached:

and here are the settings:

That’s all nice, Jperkinski. However I’m talking about WaveLab Elements, which is an even worse mess.