How do I deactivate expression ties?

This is super annoying. If I accidentally click the expression tie button or press S on the keyboard, they’ll just remain there. Pressing S again does nothing, clicking them does nothing either, if that happens I have to close Dorico and reopen it.

Shift-S to turn off slurs in note entry. To delete a slur, select it and delete.

To remove a tie, press U.

Hi. The shift-S tip to disable the expression tie worked. I tested here but the U tip appears to work for ties but not for expression ties, and even for ties, sometimes when I press the U key it removes the tie, sometimes it replaces the last note with two with half its duration.

What did I do wrong?

For starters, you’re mixing up some terms. Slurs and ties are not the same thing. T and U are for ties. S and Shift-S are for slurs.

Ok, but how do I remove what you call “slurs” (in my language, Dorico shows it as “Expression tie”).

Excuse me for not understanding these things quite well. It’s not like I am trying to master Dorico or anything, I’m just using my father’s PC to get the music theory homework done.

To remove a slur, click on the slur to select it and press delete.

Ok. thanks for the support given so far.

Dear ezbie,
I can understand you, since I’m French, and I have always heard of ties and slurs as “liaisons” here. But thing is English here is really more precise, and thus the implementation of those two musical objects is totally distinct, which proves to be a great thing. I wish we had different words in french, instead of complicated expressions such as “liaison de prolongation” and “liaison d’expression” that, honestly, I never heard in a musical context (rehearsal, solfège class…). But that’s the way it is.