How do I decrease the velocity of a single MIDI continuous fashion?

Hi - I’ve got a MIDI note with a desired high velocity (100 or so), and I’d like it to decrease over time (to let’s say a velocity of 60 or so) for the duration the note is held (about one bar).

I’ve never used Note Expression, I thought maybe that would be the way, but I’m not able to access any CC except CC1 (modulation) which is present in the left lower corner of the Note Expression window as it opens up. I wonder if I’m barking up the wrong tree here …

Could someone please point me to the best way to have a MIDI note’s velocity change over time as the note is held down?

Thank you!

It is not possible. Maybe have a look at this to clarify: MIDI Explained: What Is Velocity? : Ask.Audio

One can use cc1, cc7, cc2, cc11 depending on the VST instrument being used.