How do I delete a bar from one part???

I’ve been using Dorico for a couple of hours. I imported a SATB MIDI file, and a lot of strange things happened. (Dorico added a flute and cello staff, for example.)

I finally figured out how to deleted the unwanted staves, but the piano staff inexplicably begins with a bar of rest that doesn’t belong. In other words, in the other parts, the music starts on bar 1. But on the piano staff, the music starts on bar 2!

How do I simply delete a bar from a part?! I’ve searched the online help for “delete bar” and “delete” (etc., etc.), but can’t find anything. I’m sure to you experts this seems like the most obvious thing in the world. But to someone running Dorico for the first time, it’s definitely NOT.

How do I delete a bar from a part (and have everything else move to the left by one bar)?

What I suggest you do is this:

  1. Double-click at the start of the first bar of music in the RH piano staff, to show the caret there.
  2. Hit I to engage Insert mode.
  3. Hit Backspace to “delete” the music (actually just empty space) to the left.

You should find that this pulls the music from the second bar into the first. Repeat the process for the LH staff and you should be all set.