How do I delete a graphics frame in engrave mode?

trying to hide remnants of ledger lines but something went wrong and now I can’t delete the graphics frame. How to?

Switch on the Frames editing tool in the left-hand panel, then use the arrow keys to navigate onto one of the handles belonging to the errant frame, then hit Delete.

Thanks Daniel, wouldn’t have figured that out on my own.

One more question. When I use a graphics frame to hide the small bits of ledger lines that can’t be made to go away it’s fine in engrave mode, but when I switch to write mode they migrate to other positions in the stave. How can I keep them where I put them?

I didn’t need to hide ledger lines so far, but I just tried the properties for ledger lines and I wonder, why one can’t set the values, that the ledger lines disappear completely?
After we got an option to hide the stem, perhaps there could also be an option to hide the ledger line(s)?

Richard, the short answer is that you can’t do it that way: graphics frames are page-relative, not music-relative, so they don’t change position when the music reflows inside the frame. The forthcoming update will include a property to allow you to hide the ledger line for a selected note, so I suggest you wait until that update arrives rather than waste any more time chasing graphics frames around.

Ok, will do. Thanks Daniel.