How do I delete HALionOne?

HALionSonic SE completely supersedes HALionOne correct? So I have no reason to keep HALionOne around.

Thing is, I looked in my VST folder and its not there for deletion…? Yet the VST still pops up as an option when creating an instrument track. How do I purge HALionOne from my computer?

Snow Leopard 10.6.8

Aloha W,

Root Folder—>Library—>Application Support—>Steinberg—>VST2.
HTH (hope this helps)

I still use HAO mainly with drums because you can change the
envelopes in ways that you cannot do with HASE.

Even tho’ there are ‘attack/release’ functions with HASE, they do not work the same HAO.


Thank you very much, curteye. And wow, people really do say aloha here…

Thanks for the info about the envelopes too. Made me hesitate before deleting HAO but I figure theres VST Dynamics, the envelope shaper, and other individual expanders/compressors I could plug-in to help shape the dynamics of a kit.

Aloha! (I believe Hawaiian’s use it as ‘goodbye’ too).