How do I delete/remove all selected bars?

Hi all,

I created too many bars for my leadsheet, now I want to trim the tune and delete the extra bars, how?
With Shift-B and -100?


Yes. Or else ‘Trim Flow’ from the Write menu.

I wouldn’t mind something along the lines of Ctrl-Del or something though… :wink:


What’s wrong with Trim flow ?

Will trim flow work when there’s music in the selected bars?

If there is music, you will have to delete it first

Maybe something in the Shift-B popover like “sel” for selection? I agree, it can be a pain to have to count exactly how many bars you want to delete.

What’s wrong with typing -1000 or -10000 into the Shift-B popover? If the number you type is higher than the number of bars at the end of the flow, nobody dies - the spare bars just get deleted.

If you select the first bar you want to delete,
then (from the Edit Menu) “Select To End of Flow”,
then hit Backspace,
then “Trim Flow”

Those are great solutions, thanks! One issue I’ve run into is if I need to cut a section (maybe a big chunk of bars) from the middle of a flow. Then I have to count exactly how many bars I want to cut, which is why it could be helpful to have an easy way to delete a selection of bars.

You can actually select the first and then the last bar of the chunk you want to get rid of and (if you have selected with help of the command(Mac) or control (Win) key) delete it all at once. Mind you, if you hit the “I” key (for Insert) before deleting, the bars will be gone, too.
This method has some side effects though. You will have to re-input or adjust your dynamics. If some of the instruments have more than one voice, it will end up in a mess. In this case it will be better to split the flow, where you want to delete and split again, where your music should start again. After that you can delete the flow containing the chunk you wanted to get rid of.

Yes and that is still too complicated for Dorico if you compare it with several other good implementations they‘ve made. :slight_smile:

Dear k_b,
I really like your idea of splitting flows to delete bars. I’ll try that next time I need it !

Can I make macros in Dorico yet?


yes, it leaves you without the side effects (like misplaced dynamics and messed up voices…) whilst using Insert Mode.