How do I delete unwanted pages from Dorico?

I decided that my piece was way too long, and added a whole bunch of repeats. This made my piece about 5 pages shorter, however, I can’t figure out how to delete the pages that I no longer need. Can someone help? :mrgreen:

If you’ve got unneeded empty pages, you’ve probably got a page override somewhere that is preventing the layout being shortened. See here :slight_smile:

As Lillie says: this shouldn’t happen unless you’ve messed with the layout of individual pages, overriding them from the Master pages. One of the great points of Dorico is you need to think about doing less!

a document I imported using Music XML. I cannot for the life of me delete this page. I have gotten rid of any overrides…etc. I am just not understanding this correctly I imagine. Any help will be greatly appreciated! I want to upload my file here but I’;m new to this forum and don’t know how.

Welcome to the forum, etiverp. You should be able to zip up your project and then attach that zip file to a reply here.

Daniel thank you. here it is…thank you.

01-HAM & (1.1 MB)

Hi Bobby,

You need to delete your Flow 2, or exclude it from your Full score layout (or any layout) if you want to mantain it.


Thank you so much! That was so simple! Now if you could be so kind to please tell me how to delete the flow texts (text “Flow1, Flow 2” etc etc) in a global way so I don’t have to open every part, select it, and delete it from all the parts? Same with the “project title” I’m coming from Sibelius and I can’t seem to understand this flow thing and also why I can’t change the project title when I click on it.

many thanks,

Layout Options—Page Setup—Flows—Show flow headers “never.”

… and change the project title from Project Info (Cmd/Ctrl-I)

Yes project title changes (command/option-I though, not command/control, at least on my mac) thank you!

But I have tried show flows never and it only works on the score - not any of the parts. Is there a way to delete this heading always and everywhere?
At least until I understand what a flow actually is and how this title could be useful, because I’m sure there is a use for it I am not finding. Thanks all.


I meant Cmd-I on Mac and Ctrl-I on Windows.

In Layout Options, make sure you select all the layouts you want these changes to apply to (in the right panel of the dialog). It’s safer to do the parts and the score separately, as when you hit Apply you are applying every setting in Layout Options, not just the ones you’ve changed.

Flows are typically songs or movements. They make it very easy to work with whole books in one Dorico project.

Hey thank you very much! That worked. Was driving me crazy.