How Do I Determine If Plugin Loaded is VST3 or VST2?

I’m sure there is probably an easy way to tell if the plugin I load on the insert or effect send slot is VST3 or VST2, but I just can’t seem to figure it out. Cubase install both VST3 and VST2 plugins. If I wanted to load VST3 plugin, How do I chose it? How can I tell which one is loaded?

Thanx in advance.

VST3 instruments have the slash marks next to it.

\\ . Three of them.

(I think VST 2 may have two slash marks?)

You can also find out all kinds of information about all plugins that CuBase is aware of (including exact version, even before you’ve loaded it into the project) via Plug-in Manager.

In the main Cubase menu go to: “Devices\Plug-in Manager”.

Thanks to all of you.