How Do I Disable Hub

Hi there ,How Do I Disable the Hub, de ticking in prefs disables both the hub and recent projects . but i still want to see recent projects . i don`t need Hub my music pc aint online thanks ,i hate to see it wriggleing around trying to get somewhere all in vain. thanks

Can’t you select recent projects from the file menu instead?

If you untick Use Hub in prefs the Project Assistant will still open when you select new project from the file menu (Ctrl N keycommand)

To have the assistant always open with Cubase re-tick the Use Hub box but remove or rename the hubservice.dll from the C9 components folder.

that aint working .it does work that way in 8.5

thanks for your concern vinnie .

Works here. You sure you got the setting right? Whats happening?

ha ha cheers ,i`ve unticked the hub in prefs and also deleted the hub dll from componants and just the assistant is opening now ,so it is ok now . thanks grim

If someone wants to do this on the Mac. Here’s how:
Right-click on Cubase 9 (or any version for that matter). Go to Show Package Content/Contents/Components and look for the file called “hubservice.bundle”. I recommend that you drag it to the desktop (or somewhere safe). Just in case you want/need to put it back, some time in the future.

Now, when you start Cubase, it should launch with the Project Assistant only. Not with the full Hub (i.e. the left Internet side of things). Just make sure that Use Hub in the preferences is not deselected, as this disables the Project Assistant as well.

Forget the description on how to open the Project Assistant on page 91 of the manual. It is wrong and doesn’t work. It doesn’t open the Project Assistant, it open the regular File dialogue.