How do I disable stacked audio when loop recording?

I’m new to mobile recording (and the Cubase ecosystem) and I’m trying to sketch some demos while I’m on holiday. I’m trying to record a piano line over a section like I would do in other DAWS (set the loop brace over the section, press record until I nail the part). This mostly works flawlessly, except that whenever I go to play it back, it seems to stack all of the other audio files underneath the last take, and I have to drag the region around and manually delete all the other takes. Is there a workaround for this behavior?

Hi @Floorjazz,

Thank you for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Here is a suggestion for you:

  • Mute the track, which contains the recorded audio events
  • Create two tracks below this track, and mute the lower of these tracks

Afterwards, move the recorded events to the newly created to the newly created track, to review it.
Once done, move the reviewed event to the muted lower track

Hope you got the idea, and this workflow suggestion makes sense to quickly find the perfect take or takes. Of course, you can add more tracks to place/sort good or bad takes…

Best wishes,

I’d suggest to create one or two audio tracks below the track which holds the cycle recordings.
Place the recorded events to one of the newly created tracks to review them. Once done, you can place it on the track below.