how do I disable vst bridge?

Hi guys I just installed c6 64 bit I have bought jbridge for my plugins.

How do I disable the steinberg bridge?


Are the plugins you have JBridged showing up as VSTBridged? If so, remove the 32bit plugins from the plugin path. I just make sure I use not 32 bit plugins that are not JBridged, then I avoid the trouble of using VSTBridge.


To be honist im hot sure im a long time 32bit user and this is all new to me?
I installed cubase and was still ironing out the kinks and still had the windows firewall on witch stopped the vst bridge on first startup of cubase…i closed up cb then installed the cubase 6.0.5 then jbridge then my plugins…set jbridge file path to my plugs in x86 these all show up and work fine in one of my old projects now running in 64 bit.

Thats all I can tell you hope it helps?

…to make the answer available to the internet (haven’t found it anywhere) open explorer/finder and move to the cubase installation folder… in the ‘Components’ folder change VSTBridgeApp to _VSTBridgeApp (to have the possibility to reverse later if necessary)… Works in my mate’s studio, I just did it in my studio now and feel optimistic…

btw (just a guess of me, Informatician) I think that could be the solution for the ‘buffer already in use’ error for which there isn’t any solution online… My guess is that there can only be one bridge…

@Cubase: why does everyone has troubles with that VST bridge? Why not improving it? With JBridge all the plugins just work without crashing (it must be possible to use 32 and 64 bit plugins at the same time… SoundOnSound even posted an article about considering to change to 64bit… this shouldn’t be something to be frightened about, U and I know that there will always be that super nice sounding 32bit plugin I won’t refrain from :slight_smile: btw love Cubase 8.5 every update like xmas+bday! that’s what we’re used to, now build up a bridge :mrgreen: