How do I do tempo changes in Cubase?

Hi there! Jeremykeys the perpetually lost here and asking another question that has probably been discussed before.
I’m in the middle of writing and recording a new song and I want to have a tempo change in it. The problem that I have is that at the point where I want to have the tempo change, if I change the BPM number, it changes everything before that point and some of the tracks are now out of sync.
I’m sure there is an easy way around this. Can anybody help me?

All help would be greatly appreciated and your names will be mentioned on the next shuttle mission to Jupiter! :wink:

Are you using a Tempo Track or changing the tempo in the Transport Panel?

+1. That’s the way i do it as well.

And you can ‘draw-in’ all the tempo changes. —kool

Good Luck!

I’m not at my computer right now but I just am trying to input a new tempo number into the box beside where I think it says tempo fixed. I’ll have to check that out later today after work.

I’ve never even heard of a tempo track. How do I do thus?

Thanks again!

On my Mac it comes up when I press ‘Command T’.

I’m sure it is something similar when using Windows.

Good Luck!

I found it under a drop down menu but I guess I’m going to have to have someone explain to me what it all is. There’s just a big blank grid. I’ve already recorded a bunch of tracks but I’m not seeing them here. Do I have to copy and paste? I realize that Im probably looking at this all wrong too.
Thanks again.

Jeremy,if you click “add track” and select tempo track, you can create tempo changes right from the project page.
You really don’t need to deal with that grid.
BTW, have you tried going through the quick start videos?

I’ve gone through some of the quick start videos but not all of them. I’ll check out the add track feature tonight. Thanks a ton! cubase is amazing.

What is that grid for anyway?

The Operations manual has a whole section explaining how to use the Tempo Track.

The grid in Tempo track can be used where a tempo change occurs and whether the change is abrupt or ramped.