How do I download Cubase Element 7 again?


My PC crashed and I bought a Mac Mini. I want to reinstall Cubase 7. I have reactived my licence with the eLCC etc. but I can’t find a way to download the program again!

I’ve tried mailing “support” but no answer. I’ve tried calling, no answer either.

The thing is I could as well buy an Element 8 update from 7 for 25€ but do I really need to reinstall 7 and will it work if I don’t? I have an Element 8 trial version for the moment but Activating this licence would cost 99€ …

I don’t know how to solve this.



Here you can download the Cubase Elements 7 ISO.

If you decide to upgrade, you don’t need to install Cubase Elements 7, you can install Cubase Elements 8 directly.

Thanks! I wanted to upgrade indeed! Good to know you can upgrade without having to reinstall previous version. Everything works just fine.